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Sunday, January 14, 2018

A Frisky Sunday in Second Life, Presenting AMFORTE and Many Others!

Fairly quiet today at Mad City so I did my rounds to check out the live music scene, especially when I knew AMFORTE would be performing today, first at the Frisky Beaver at noon, and later at the Jagged Edge in Sunset Cove, 6pm.

In between, and before and after, many musicians were scheduled to perform!

No reason to sit alone on Sundays, when SL brings the jam to you - online via SL Live Radio's stream (featuring SL musicians during the specialty show 'Slow Bake' hosted by yours truly).

Hope to see you at one of our live broadcasts!   Catch you later!

Frisky Beaver Beach Club @ Taylor

Always Sunny in SL

Over the holidays, during my vacation, I spent a lot of time with my family watching "Always Sunny in Philadelphia..."   It's just a blast to see how that cast can get into such mischief, and in Second Life, daily life is fairly normal comparatively.   So if you love talented musicians, good coversation, and just hanging out and listening to indie tunes, and even learning a bit about those artists and where they are playing next, then Slow Bake, a courtesy of SL Live Radio, which streams us weekly, then turn us on!   Catch Slow Bake live Sundays, noon to 2PM SLT (PST).   As I said, no worries, we are as real as it gets for another world!   And if you want it to be, it can also be - always SUNNY!

Here's the details for your listening pleasure.

Stay tuned for Slow Bake, (most) Sundays noon to 2pm PST/SLT, live streaming from SL Live Radio, in-world at Mad Pea's Mad City!

The Listening particulars below!

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Guess Who Dropped Into My SL Home

This has been an odd day indeed.  No sooner than my pipes were fixed, than did I notice a stranger in my living room.   I couldn't believe it so I invited Esme over very quickly as a witness!    Eventually, the intruder left for Scotland (SL) where he lives.   He offered me a quick visit to show me that he wasn't a deadbeat in SL (as IRL). 

 So how was your day?!
 See you next week at Mad Pea's Mad City!

Blame it on old plumbing!

I was merrily in the middle of my show when the plumber came by to fix my leaky pipe (I made an emergency call early in the day), and what should have been a one person job, turned out to be a two person task.  It was no longer a matter of changing out a simple valve, but the whole house seemed to be leaking!  I had to pop out of the station for a bit.   The plumber assigned to watch the kitchen sink, while he worked in the bathroom.   "Soni, turn on the kitchen sink...okay now turn it off."  That went on and one, while I ran back and forth between songs.   Probably needless to say, the plumbing took priority.   Let's try next week for a full Slow Bake show!    I will try to keep my pipes properly dry! 

Enjoy your week! 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Happy 2018 from Slow Bake!

Happy New Year!!!

Glad to be back for Sunday's radio show!   I have a few pics from our last show for 2017 with Esme and Thorn, the founders of SL Live Radio, proud sponsor of Slow Bake, a two-hour Sunday feature that breaks away from the regular format to pay tribute to SL musicians and singers.  And there's plenty of SL music to keep us busy all year long!

I have amassed quite a large song collection of in-world favorites, mostly indie artists who rely on local support in their respective communities and the virtual live music community of Second Life.

Some artists have moved on to other projects, but many return every now and then.  Of course, many others remain loyal to their SL audiences.  The goal of the radio show is to expose these bands beyond the confines of SL, and so that you can listen to their tunes anywhere, not just within SL and not only when they are scheduled to play.   Just like a radio station, you cannot download the songs from Slow Bake, but we help you find their music so you can purchase it and we try to direct you to their concerts in world and wherever they play IRL, maybe even your hometown.

I am hoping 2018 will allow me to expand our music library, listener base, and programming.  Belinda has been my longtime sidekick and we hope to keep the Slow Bake tradition alive and well for virtual music lovers everywhere.

Based now in the Bay Area, I am closer than ever to the mother ship, and remain committed to strengthening the music scene!

Recently I found this article about Second Life, published last month (Dec. 2017),

Stay tuned for Slow Bake, (most) Sundays noon to 2pm PST/SLT, live streaming from SL Live Radio, in-world at Mad Pea's Mad City!

The Listening particulars below!

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Warm hugs,

Sonicity & Belinda

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Happy Holidays! from Slow Bake Radio!

All I want for the Holidays is SL's music scene to continue to flourish in 2018.   Well I do want more than that, but it would be a good start to the year.

An ideal gift would be to support SL music by gifting it to your friends and family.  Support SL artists by buying their CDs or downloads.   It's a good way to let people from outside of SL become aware of the talent in-world

I am waiting for the latest CD from Kyle Bronsdon, who I had an opportunity to hear on Facebook last Thursday (and he also has a YouTube channel).  He still has his place in SL, but he was live streaming out of his mobile trailer somewhere in Cali last week.  As for SL, I don't know when he sings there.    But for a sure thing, catch him online weekly on FB and YT.   Bel and I used to hang out at his quaint venue almost every week a couple of years ago, and back then he had a nice SL crowd sitting and standing around his piano.

Here's a screenshot from last week.

Slow Bake features Kyle's music, and many SL artists, on most Sundays noon to 2PM SLT, streaming out of SL Live Radio, from Mad Pea's Mad City!

Listening details below!  I don't always work on holidays - and you shouldn't either, if you can help it!   :)

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving, Slow Bake Listeners!

Be blessed this holiday season!   Enjoy breaking bread together with friends and family.   Belinda and I would like to wish you a safe and blessed holiday to all!   Sunday, we had fun at Mad Pea's Mad City, playing on the carnival boardwalk. I took Tom along, but I had to promise he was safe with us - and that we weren't trying to fatten him for T-Day! 

Mad Pea is tuned to SL Live Radio, 24/7!   Enjoy the top dance tunes on SL Live Radio daily, and on Sundays, noon to 2PM SLT, take a break with Slow Bake, featuring SL's  top musicians rolled into one show, noon to 2PM SLT.

Slow Bake is streamed by SL Live Radio

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Mad Pea's Mad City streams music from SL Live Radio, and every Sunday noon to 2PM SLT,
you can listen to Slow Bake - playing SL music from off the grid.  Slow Bake returns Sunday December 3rd.